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Discover our coconut products,
to consume without moderation!

Products that are gourmands, but without excess,
with an authentic flavor. That is the promise of Vaïvaï
and you can find that mission in all of our products.

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Discover all the Vaïvaï products

A range of products and drinks, all revolving around the coconut, for you to discover
  • Icone categorie cooking

    Steam-refined organic Coconut Oil

    A 100% natural and organic coconut oil that is neutral in taste and without an odor, it is ideal for cooking and replacing butter in your recipes.
  • Icone categorie cooking

    Virgin & Organic Coconut Oil

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, cold pressed, organic, 100% natural plant, is ideal for cooking or replacing butter in recipes.
  • CoconutChips_cocoa_40g_export
    Icone categorie Coco snacks

    Coconut chips Cocoa

    This coconut chips are seasoned with cacao powder, then simply toasted in the oven, without adding any fat or oil, so they are crusty and luxurious.
  • Icone categorie Coco snacks

    Coconut chips “Original”

    These chips of coconut meat are simply toasted in the oven, without adding any kind of fat or oil, for a very crunchy pleasure
  • Icone categorie Fruits & Coco

    Création Lime Mint & Coconut water

    Vaïvaï Création Lime Mint & Coconut is a cocktail that is equally as festive and exotic as it is refreshing, inspired by mojitos (but without alcohol).
  • Icone categorie Pur coco juice

    100% Coconut Water

    Vaïvaï coconut water is 100% natural, without any additives, with a naturally sweet and refreshing taste.