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Why we get up in the morning

Before becoming a product or an enterprise, Vaïvaï was, above it all, a life project. For us, it is summed up in one word: freedom

Vaïvaï: above it all, a life project

At the origin of Vaïvaï was a simple idea; create a company that we wouldn’t want to sell. Travel with friends. Work when we want, where we want. Dress how we want. Bask in the summer. Create products that we want to consume. All of these little things that change a life, give a sense of direction, and make work… different. At the end there would be success or failure, we will see. More than the goal, its the journey that counts.

Products without compromises

In creating Vaïvaï, one thing was evident: we wanted products the ressembled us: simple, authentic, closer to nature. Products without complications, easy to understand and that bring something new. Overall good, healty products. Then it was time to find THE ingredient to base that on


Everything is beautiful with a coconut

A fruit that symbolizes everything we loved and wanted: the coconut. The fruit of the coconut tree. Our favorite tree, symbol of the tropics, of the beach, of flip flops, and of everything that goes with that. A simple fruit, that the world knows, full of refreshing, sweet water. Thus we decided to make Vaïvaï the coconut specialist. Our idea was simple: in the coconut everything can be used: the water, the meat (to make coconut milk, oil, cosmetics, or flour), the flower can make sugar and even the fiber to make clothes! There we were at the beginning and with dozens of ideas to develop out of coconut.