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Eau de coco fraiche et naturelle, directement issue de la noix de coco
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Where does coconut water come from?

Coconut water, or coconut juice, is the liquid naturally found in the interior of the young coconut. But how does it get there?

Written byJérôme Bucamp,27/03/2017

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Like many other plant species, the coconut tree uses its fruit as a reserve of water. This water is collected by the root system of the tree, then brought by capillaries to the nut. The main difference between coconuts and other fruits is that for most fruits, it is necessary to squeeze the flesh to extract this water. In edible fruits, this produces a fruit juice.

Coconut water is therefore nothing more than “coconut juice”.

At the earliest point of its growth, when the fruit is green, the nut contains an average of 50 cl of juice with very little sweetness. With time and growth, water disappears to the benefit of the coconut meat.

But this reserve of fresh water is also extremely important for the survival of the coconut tree species.
Indeed, the coconut produces very little fruit in one year (between 25 and 75 coconuts). Its seed must therefore be a kind of “super-seed”. The seed (the coconut) must be able to resist long and hazardous conditions of travel, and must germinate where it ends its journey, sometimes after having spent several months in the open sea.

The water contained in the nut serves as a reserve of fresh water for the seed of the coconut tree. The seed develops inside the nut with a capillary network that will serve as a basis for its future root system

floating coconut crystal clear water kapoposang indonesia scuba diving diver
floating coconut crystal clear water kapoposang indonesia scuba diving diver

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