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Grimper au cocotier. La récolte des noix de coco
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The harvesting of coconuts

While most fruit trees only produce their fruit during a certain season, coconut trees produce all year round! Because of that, the state of maturation needed for a particular use is important. It's the maturation of the coconut that determines the moment of harvest.

Written byJérôme Bucamp,27/03/2017

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The wait before being able to harvest

Before seeing the first coconuts on a coconut tree, we must generally wait 5 to 6 years after we plant the tree.

However, a coconut tree doesn’t make more than a few coconuts at the beginning. We must wait at least a decade for it to grow clusters of coconuts and produce a few hundred coconuts per year. It will produce coconuts for the rest of its life, which is around 80 years.

It takes about 10 years to make a good harvest of coconut.

The time of harvest

In order to determine the time to harvest the nut, one must think about what the fruits use will be.

Indeed, the coconut has a wide variety of uses, which means that harvests can happen at moments of varying maturity.

So, to get coconut water, the coconuts must be harvested still green and on the tree. The young coconut is more tender, and full of water. At this stage the nuts are envelopped in an important fibrous cover, that serves in the making of rugs or broom hairs, for example. So the picker must choose, by observing the color, the shape, and the weight, what is the perfect nut.

On the other hand, to make coconut chips or coconut oil, the nuts are picked later, when they are brown. The harvest of coconuts that have already fallen on the ground are for the making of coprah oil (an oil principaly used in cosmetics because of the process of refinement that removes a large portion of its nutrients).

It takes 12 months to a coconut to reach full maturity

Jeunes noix de coco vertes - Young green coconut
Jeunes noix de coco
Noix de coco matures | Matures coconut
Noix de coco matures
Plantation de cocotiers
Plantation de cocotiers

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