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Cuve de flash-pasteurisation
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Flash pasteurisation

A process that conserves the sweetness of the fruit juice and most of the nutritious elements without ruining the taste of the fruits.

Written byJérôme Bucamp,27/03/2017

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It is thanks to Louis Pasteur, a French scientist, chemist, physicist and pioneer of microbiology, that we have pasteurization. This process, invented in 1856 by Pasteur, was originally conceived for the preservation and transport of wine.

The principle is to heat the food between 70 °C and 85 °C for a few minutes before cooling it quickly. The main disadvantage of this technique is related to the time it takes to cool and heat the product, which degrades the aromas of certain fragile products such as fruit juices.


Cuves de flash-pasteurisation
Cuves de flash-pasteurisation

The flash-pasteurization, a sweeter procedure than the classic pasteurization

Cuves de flash-pasteurisation
Cuves de flash-pasteurisation

With flash pasteurization, the aromas, vitamins and minerals are perfectly preserved. This explains the success of this process, notably in the production of wine. Indeed the treatment of flash-pasteurization is much faster (only a few seconds).

The reduction of the thermic treatment time better preserves the flavor qualities of delicate drinks such as coconut water and fruit juices.

Thanks to this flash pasteurization, our juices can be kept for a few weeks in the refrigerator. All without having to add preservatives or ascorbic acids (also called vitamin C).


Our Vaïvaï coconut juice and fruit juice remains 100% natural.


Finally, in flash-pasteurizing our coconut water right at the place of harvest, Vaïvaï ensures the highest product quality and we can offer, at your home, a coconut water whose taste is closest to the fresh product.

100% natural and WITHOUT preservatives


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