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La confection des recettes Vaïvaï est effectuée en France
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Elaborate recipes in France

Even though our fruits come from the other side of the world, and our inspirations don't have borders, the final recipe is 100% french!

Written byJérôme Bucamp,27/03/2017

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Moving from a recipe that was discovered on the other side of the planet, cultivated in that country’s cuisine, to a marketable product is not easy. Between hygiene and conservation standards, French and European regulations, the need to adapt to production constraints, and the demand for quality, it is not easy to find the perfect recipe.

That’s why at Vaïvaï we chose to back up our product with experienced partners who are ready to accompany us in the search for our famous recipes! We chose an alliance of French SME, combining production capacity and revenue generation. It is a grouping that employs about 1500 people globally and whose origin dates back to 1909.


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