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Deodorisation by water vapor

Behind this kind of barbaric term hides a simple process of distillation that uses only water vapor.

Written byJérôme Bucamp,27/03/2017

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The process of water vapor deodorization used to make our deodorized coconut oil is designed to eliminate the taste and odor of the oil and allow it to be used more generally.

This proces takes place after the first phase of clarification of the oil, which is a process of various physical filtering, which eliminates the main impurities.

Deodorization is a simple process of distillation (similar to the distillation of perfumes or alcohols). It uses NO chemicals.
Water vapor is sprayed through the oil under low pressure. The vapor drives out the various volatile components that make up the scent of the coconut. In the end, we get a perfectly odorless and taste-neutral coconut oil.


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