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Cold-press extraction of coconut oil

Vaïvaï organic coconut oil is cold-pressed, a technique that preserves all of its natural qualities.

Written byJérôme Bucamp,27/03/2017

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Vaïvaï coconut oil (not to be confused with oil from coconut kernas, copra) is cold pressed. It keeps, thus, all of its nutrients, without transforming it’s oils. Even more, the aromas are preserved and the oil keeps all of its good coconut flavor.

But how does the cold-press extraction of coconut oil occur?


After harvesting the mature organic coconuts (immature nuts contain more juice that meat), and after separating the meat, the meat is shaved finely. It is from this product that we extract the oil.


Doused in pure water (which allows us to extract the milk from the meat), the shaved coconut pulp is then pressed. It is in the coconut milk that one finds coconut oil. The remains pulpe is thus dried and becomes what we commonly see under the name of “grated coconut”


The coconut milk collected after pressing is 100% pure coconut milk. Extremely rich and creamy, we let it decante in a tank for 24 hours until the coconut cream, the coconut oil and the water are seperated. All that’s left is to collect it and filter the oil which gives it it’s clarity and purity.


The cream can then serve as an ingredient in coconut cheese, but that’s another story!

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