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Virgin & Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, cold pressed, organic, 100% natural plant, is ideal for cooking or replacing butter in recipes.

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Coco snacks

Coconut chips “Original”

These chips of coconut meat are simply toasted in the oven, without adding any kind of fat or oil, for a very crunchy pleasure

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Are you a fan of coconut? Come with us!

Find Vaïvaï on your prefered social media platforms and dive on in with us into a universe that is completely coconut!

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The solidarity coco

Enfants sans frontières

For nearly two years, Vaïvaï has supported the association Enfants Sans Frontières By giving it visibility, by a presence on all their packagings.

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Vaïvaï compagny

One ingredient.
Infinite possibilities.

Sending you on a voyage to discover all that coconut has to offer; that is the mission to which we are commited here at Vaïvaï. Come discover how we acheive this goal, and the things that are hiding behind our delicious 100% natural coconut water.